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D&W’s Pub
111 E Nebraska. St, Ewing
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Forum Discussions about Ewing

Norfolk to Ainsworth
WesR from Springfield, Illinois on 6/9/2017 5:21:09 PM:
Planning on biking Norfolk to Ainsworth. Want to do 30 to 40 miles a day and stay at local motels and eat at area eateries. Our dream to bike Nebraska. Have Parkinson and want to do this while able. Any tips or advice?

Ray on 6/12/2017 8:23:47 AM:
My best advice is to get tire liners, "slime", or some other type of protection from flat tires. This will not protect against all flats, but tire liners made a huge difference for me.

My first trip on the Katy Trail, I had about 8 flats. Got tire liners before my second Katy Trail trip, and had zero flats. It's a different trail, but both trails have similar thorns. Also avoid riding through the vegetation on the trail as much as possible to avoid the thorns.

Your local bike shop will have the liners and would probably be happy to install for you.

I hope I haven't jinxed myself by bragging about how flat-free I've been with the liners! :-)

WesR from Springfield, Illinois on 6/13/2017 10:10:01 PM:
Thanks. MY local bike shop did recommend tire liners and we did put them in. You confirm what we were wondering. Big help.
Trail is packed pebbles. How is the biking vs. doing an asphalt course?
Thanks for the advice!

RLS from St Louis on 6/14/2017 6:10:45 AM:
If you happen to overnight in Atkinson, I would highly recommend Sand Hills Guesthouse. Close to the trail, very nice people running the place, and a nice clean room. Thumbs up.

WesR from Springfield, Illinois on 6/14/2017 11:54:37 PM:
THANKS Will look into it.

Pam Winer from Atkinson on 6/16/2017 12:41:31 PM:
This is my first time browsing this site and I just happened upon this comment about the SGH Motel. THANK YOU MR. ST.LOUIS! That was so kind of you to say. We LOVE our guests!

WesR from Springfield, Il on 8/8/2017 9:20:46 PM:
Dear Ray, Your advice to get tire liners for our bikes to help protect against flats was excellent. It was a big help--no problems --just cycling a long.

Flooding along the trail
Traci from Norfolk on 6/15/2010 1:17:28 PM:
With the recent heavy rains, there's been a lot of flooding issues for many of the communities along the trail.

Here in Norfolk at the very beginning of the trailhead we have flooding problems from the Elkhorn river.

If you're planning a ride/hike in the near future, check ahead for flooding conditions since so much of the trail runs along the river. You'll also want to be aware that the trail condition will be somewhat deteriorated from runoff.

Traci from Norfolk on 6/17/2010 11:13:57 PM:
Okay, now I'm sad. The water is receeding but part of the Broken Bridge has collapsed. They say the total damage to the trail is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not sure just how much damage there is further upstate, but I'm sure it's significant.

Kyle Anderson from Bolivar, Mo. on 6/18/2010 4:56:56 AM:
Can anyone give me some idea what the trail condition is like between Valentine and Oneill? I'm planning on riding that section of trail July 1 weekend. I planned on doing the entire trail but the recent flooding I doubt I'll try from Oneill on to Norfolk.

Todd Macken from Platte Center, NE on 8/26/2010 9:37:11 AM:
I would like to know, if the trail has been reconstructed and fixed yet? Because, I am looking at doing a fund raiser, and have individuals or groups get a sponsor to donate a dollar a mile for every mile they ride (or whatever amount they want to donate per mile). I would like to do something next spring or fall.

bike rider from tilden on 9/9/2010 10:31:37 AM:
rode from tilden to clearwater labor day weekend 2010...ok from tilden to oakdale..from oakdale to neligh they have trail closed but bridges and trail are intact and ridable..from neligh to clearwater there is a bridge out couple miles east of clearwater that goes over elkhorn river. can take country road north 1/4 mile to hwy 275 then west over river and then south on country road and get back onto trail and on into clearwater