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Inman NE on the Cowboy Trail

Mile marker 67
Elevation: 1929
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Cowboy Trail
Harte’s Pub
175 Main, Inman
Inman City Park

Sawyers Grocery
255 Main, Inman
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Forum Discussions about Inman

A few more thoughts
Cynthya from Salina on 03/16/2018 07:28 AM:
We rode The Cowboy Trail August 2017. Some of the online comments were not positive. Some of the information we got before starting in Valentine were not too encouraging, but we started out anyway.

The bridge across the Niobrara River was totally awesome.

We met a father and son team from Germany on The Trail. We talked with some other folks who hosted a camper riding The Trail from Israel. How neat was that!

The Elbow Saloon in Johnstown serves up a great hamburger and the folks there were very friendly. One of the many highlights of the trip.

There were the chucks holes to look out for, weeds and sickers, but we enjoyed the ride. We meet some really great folks and ate some good food along the way.

Hopefully the trail will get finished to Chadron and we will be there to ride that as well.

You have a gem that folks should enjoy. Maybe a few though edges, but well worth the ride.

Cynthya from Salina on 03/11/2018 06:26 PM:
We spent time under the church awning, moved to the park on a rainy day this past August. The next day we found the grocery store. Wish we had been there the day before. Would have been a better place during all the rain and lightening. We picked up a snack and visited with the proprietor of the store. Nice folks!