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Brett from Omaha on 7/6/2020 6:56:32 AM:
I need to do a 150 miles for an MS ride in August but I only have a road bike. Roads around Omaha aren't really safe and our longest trail is about 18 miles so prefer to find a better stretch of trail. Is there a good long stretch on this trail that you can ride a road bike?

Alex from Lincoln on 7/6/2020 9:04:11 AM:
While I do not recommend using a road bike on the trail, it is possible. My recommendation would be to use the largest size tire that fits in the frame if you want to attempt it. This will make your bike a little more supple as there will be some soft/rough spots that may give you a hard time though. The nice thing about Cowboy Trail though is if the trail is not your cup of tea, HWY 275 is right there with a nice wide shoulder to ride on. Another option if you haven't checked out the Wabash Trace in Iowa, that might be another good spot to do this as that trail is pretty hard packed.

Brenda from Texas on 7/6/2020 2:48:36 PM:
Just rode the 35 miles from Norfolk to Neligh and there were some parts that would be easy on a road bike and some areas of dense gravel that would be tricky. Just stay on the tracks and you will do okay.