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Reply to September/October ride Norfolk to Valentine (and beyond?)

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Reply to September/October ride Norfolk to Valentine (and beyond?)
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gtojr from Papillion on 6/29/2020 8:39:19 PM:
Considering a full length ride on the trail just to do something off the TO DO list this year. most of our riders are advanced, I am mediocre at best. Did about 10 miles of the trail last near near Norfolk and it was spongy (it was the day after a storm to be fair). My question is this: most of the crew is thinking 60-70 miles a day. I am wondering if this is biting off too much since this is not a hard pack trail. I know we can ride the shoulder of the road but prefer to stay on the trail if I can

Alex from Lincoln on 6/29/2020 9:36:30 PM:
The trail hardness does depend on how much recent precipitation the surface has had. That being said it does take more energy to ride on the trail vs pavement. 60-70 miles per day on the trail can be a challenge, especially if it is windy. If you can do 70 miles on pavement you can probably do the trail but it will be more difficult. Also there are still segments of trail surfacing that hasn't been fully repaired from the 2019 flood so there will be some rougher segments still present. Using a suitable bike for the trail is key, I don't recommend road bikes on the trail, or really anything with tires 35c or 1.5" width or less. The surfaced trail currently ends in Valentine, the trail west of there is closed except for a segment between Gordon and Rushville. Hope this helps! Happy Trails.