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Wazo from Phoenix, AZ on 6/22/2020 5:13:40 PM:
I am looking at the Cowboy Trail as potentially being a very cool way to have a "non-wilderness" backpacking trip. It looks like most of the towns are very doable milage-wise. So, I do have a few questions: What is the weather like in August/Early Sept? It could not be worse than Phoenix! Do many people backpack the trail? How available is water? A woman I know who has backpacked all the major national scenic trails suggested this as a different type of backpacking experience. It could be a lot of fun. Is there a way to get from one end of the trail back to the starting point? Thanks. Wazo

Alex from Lincoln on 6/25/2020 11:11:46 AM:
Nebraska always has the potential for weird weather but during that time I would prepare for wind and rain. Average high in August is 85F and low is 59F. Nebraska always has potential for extreme cold or heat in August though so just check the forecast frequently, as it can change quickly. People do backpack on the trail as the towns, like you said, are close enough and offer services needed to re-supply. Water can easily be found at each town, usually at a restaurant, city office, bar, or library. Most of the towns have city parks which will have a spigot for water. There is an outfitter in Norfolk called North Fork Outfitting that offers shuttle services on the trail. Happy Trails.