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Kirk on 3/6/2019 10:10:11 AM:
We ride 28mm tires. Amy comments about riding the Cowboy trail?

Steve McGregor from Hannibal, MO on 3/6/2019 11:18:03 AM:
I rode the Clement XPLOR USH 35mm tire(with Tire Liners for the Goatheads etc) and they were ok. A few places where it is sub-irrigated(up from Bassett to Stuart) and they sunk in a bit. My friend rode with Schwalbe Marathon tires (they sort of have built in liners, and they were maybe 40mm but I think still had a wider profile and she did ok with them. I ended up with one flat (a goathead through the side of the tire) just west of O'Neal, and then after we finished the next day Lisa's tire was flat from something, never could find it..

Alex from Lincoln on 3/7/2019 9:11:52 AM:
28c is a little on the narrow side, I recommend cramming the largest tire you can that still fits and running that at a lower psi for a nice supple ride as the Cowboy Trail is not the smoothest at times. The looser trail surface zaps any efficiency gains you'd have with a narrower tire anyways so I opt for comfort on CBT.

opedaler from Northeast Nebraska on 3/24/2019 4:30:27 PM:
We ride the trail all the time with 28's no problem.....with a couple of exceptions. 1) There is a stretch where horse riders don't always adhere to the "side-of-the-trail" mandate. If they have been on the trail when it is soft, it can make riding pretty miserable, and 2) after a flooding spring, such as this year,when they are forced to fill in sports with loose gravel/stone/rock it can be a bit challenging until the firming process is complete. It isn't as bad as the Mickelson Trail, if you are familiar with that, but it can still be challenging. Typically, I would say "no problem" this year all bets are off.

opedaler from Northeast Nebraksa on 4/21/2019 3:41:34 AM:
Sorry I accidently put an updated post in the wrong thread. Rather than repeat it, I'll just direct you there. The gist of it is......My wife does feel better with 32's on up, and agrees with Alex. For added comfort go up a notch from your 28s.....especially this year.