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Andrew Scheman from Chicago on 5/19/2013 6:15:39 PM:
May 2012

Nebraska spent a fortune building the longest off-road bike trail in the country. However, it is currently unridable since the gravel is not compacted and it is like riding on sand most of the way. Also, the pink quartzite they have added to certain stretches is a much poorer riding surface than the white limestone on other stretches. It would take a very small additional investment to pay someone to steamroll the trail once a year and it would then be a jewel. It is my hope that this will happen and then be followed by positive comments from riders. If so, it will attract riders and much needed income to the wonderful communities along the route. On our trip, we did not pass one other biker over the 180 mile stretch we were on.

1) Unbelievably friendly and charming communities
2) Beautiful wide open countryside
3) Flat terrain for riding
4) Wonderful steaks (try Golden Steer in Ainsworth and L&B in Clearwater)
5) Wonderful breakfasts (try West End in O’Neill)
1) Pine Valley Resort cabins; outstanding
2) Stuart Village Inn (Stuart), Historic Golden Hotel (O’Neill), West Hill View Motel (Neligh), New Victorian (Norfolk); all clean and comfortable
Thorns and Bike Repair;
1) The western parts of the trail have goat thorns which easily puncture tires. We had no problem using Continental Punctureproof tires and Sunlite Puncture Resistant tubes.
2) We had a broken derailer hanger and found that the only top bicycle shop on the trail is Cleveland Bike and Sport, 407 E. Norfolk Ave, Norfolk. However, this shop was AMAZING and saved our trip. We had a car at each end of each day’s trip and shuttled the cars with us as we proceeded or we would have been in trouble (i.e. we were able to drive to Norfolk for our repair)

Crow from Lincoln, NE on 8/25/2013 3:11:57 PM:
I agree with this comment. The trail communities and the surrounding area have so much to offer and the puzzle is no one seems to care and the trail continues to be useless. Who wants to ride in these conditions, when there are so many other wonderful trails to choose from. Not me.