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Localized Flooding Long Pine to O'Neill

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Alex from Lincoln on 6/25/2024 2:52:00 PM:
Late last week brought some very heavy rains and localized flooding in the Long Pine - O'Neill area. There is some damage and downed trees. There are no closures but there is a fenced off area just east of the Long Pine bridge where you should exercise caution as you travel around. I'll post any updates as things progress.

opedaler from NE Nebraska on 7/1/2024 10:31:21 AM:
Just finished a TDN ride with several taking the Cowboy trail on and off. I had road tires on, so I skipped the trail this time around. I will be taking a Cowboy trail later. Those who did however, really enjoyed flats, accidents, and no deaths....unlike the road ride. The hit and run death on the road brought many to say, it may be time for trail riding to take the forefront.

Cynthya B from Lewis on 7/1/2024 11:00:59 AM:
Totally agree about danger of highway riding. I've ridden a lot of highway miles... but have decided to do trails..should be less danger from motitized vehicles!