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riding our horses on the Cowboy trail

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Rachel from Longmont CO on 5/12/2024 10:52:52 AM:
I am interested in riding our horses on some of the trail. Are there stretches that are only concrete? What are the undeveloped areas like west of Valentine? Are there places to park a 46 foot long truck and horse trailer and overnight RV camp? We have portable horse corrals for nightly horse containment. Thanks in advance for any replys.

Alex from Lincoln on 5/13/2024 8:22:56 AM:
Thanks for the interest in the trail! Yes, there are a couple stretches of paved trail in O'Neill, Atkinson, and Valentine for the length of the town but you can ride just off the surface. The rest is crushed limestone and wood decked bridges. The trail relies on the community's facilities for camping - many of the city parks won't have difficulty accommodating you. I recommend calling the city office in the towns you which to stay at and see what they recommend. Another place to call are the fairgrounds as they have facilities for livestock as well and often have rv spots too. Google maps is your friend! Happy Trails.