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JJ from Lincoln on 5/9/2024 1:43:39 PM:
Is any section of the trail closed between Meadow Grove and Inman? Thank you!

Alex from Lincoln on 5/10/2024 8:36:22 AM:
Unfortunately, yes. The trail will be repaired between Neligh and Oakdale along with the short segment just west of Neligh. The spot halfway between Neligh and Clearwater is permanently closed from flooding in 2010 as the river occupies the trail ROW. The Nebraska Game and Parks online trail map shows all current cowboy trail closures:

Hope you get out and enjoy the trail!

opedaler from NE Ne on 5/11/2024 7:00:48 PM:
Today (05/11/24) We rode the section referred to above. As we came to the end of Broken Bridge, we saw a trail closed sign. We happened to meet a couple walking from the west and asked if it was indeed closed. They said that it was open but looked as though there had been work done previously. We gave it a try, and it was open although there was a backhoe parked to the side in one spot, and it appeared as though some railroad beams (presumably used to stop motorized vehicles from entering the trail) had been removed. A small disturbance was all that remained. It was easily ridden over. Enter at your own risk, but it seemed fine to us at this point in time.

Alex from Lincoln on 5/13/2024 8:27:34 AM:
Yes the repair by Broken Bridge, 3 miles west of Norfolk, has had a delayed start due to all the rain. That segment is closed and they are starting this week. If passing through please use the detour route.