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Tyler from Tryon, NE (McCook Currently) on 2/1/2024 7:07:33 AM:
My daughter and I plan on bikepacking the Cowboy Trail in June. Our plan is to camp the entire way unless there is some very poor weather. Currently planning on taking the first couple of days a little easy. We are thinking Woodlake on night 1 which is also shuttle day from Norfolk. Long Pine SRA night 2 (camped here before) and then O'Neill night 3 and Neligh on night 4. I have searched the forum and it is hit and miss on finding reviews on camping. My biggest concerns are night 3 and 4 in O'Neill and Neligh. The forum says there is camping but is it comfortable? Thanks in advance.

Alex from Lincoln on 2/2/2024 8:35:38 AM:
O'Neill and Neligh have great campgrounds in my opinion. Both have shower houses and Neligh has a city pool which can be a serious treat. Plenty of shade at each one as well.