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Ty from Tryon, NE on 12/5/2023 9:36:16 PM:
My daughter and I are kicking around the idea of bikepacking the Cowboy Trail in 2024. We would like to share a shuttle with someone or possibly coordinate a private shuttle with another group. If anyone is thinking about a late May or early June 2024 trip, let me know. We have plenty of time to coordinate, line the moons and make it work. We are looking at a leisure 4 days.


Brian Riedel from FT COLLINS on 12/20/2023 3:30:20 PM:
Ty - Depending on your timeframe, I may be interested. Please e-mail when you have your dates set up Thanks!

Chris from Helena on 1/10/2024 9:52:25 AM:
Ty, depending on the dates, it might work for me to share a shuttle. I can’t go in May, but early June might work. If you want to follow up email me at

Pat from Sedalia, CO on 1/26/2024 6:49:05 PM:
We are a group of 8 going west to east starting Memorial day weekend and taking 4 days. I haven't had much luck getting any communication from the shuttle folks in Norfolk as of yet to see how many they can handle.
I have learned that the Sand Hills Guest House in Atkinson is completely sold out for Memorial Day weekend. That is Alumni Day in Atkinson.

Ty from Tryon,NE on 1/28/2024 9:00:22 PM:
I have sent emails to both that left email addresses. We are looking at mid June. Pat-I contacted the guy that owns North Fork Outfitters. I think he has a few irons in the fire. He talked like he would be offering shuttles in 2024.

PoboxJosh from Rhode Island on 2/7/2024 12:57:09 PM:
I'm thinking of doing the travel July 15-19 Either down and back or just East to West. I'd be interested in sharing a shuttle if one is available.