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Dave E from St. Paul, MN on 9/26/2023 1:30:25 PM:
We're coming down to bike the entirety of the Cowboy Trail next spring, and was wondering about the "undeveloped" section from Valentine to Crookston and Kilgore. Is that rideable with, say, 1.75" tires. Not quite mountain bike, but way more robust than a road bike. Anyone have any information?

John from Boulder, CO on 9/27/2023 5:42:07 PM:
I rode Valentine to Neligh and back. Also tried to explore a little west of Valentine. Within a few miles it deteriorates to a rocky barely there track sometimes used for tractor access. I found it unmanageable/un-interesting on an e-assist bike with 2" medium blocky tread all surface tires. Not much fun.

Lyndle Shelby from Ireton, IA on 10/6/2023 8:20:31 PM:
I "scouted" a Highway 20 route, in a pickup truck, from Wyoming line to Sioux City back on August 28, 2023. The basic answer is that the railroad ROW, that is intended to become the Cowboy Trail (CT below), is undeveloped west of Valentine, NE. Here's my "notes" from that scouting trip:
Crawford: Dollar General, bike trail
Rushville: Family Dollar, groceries, repair. CT bridges look better east of town
Gordon: lost sight of trail east of town
Merriman: minimal services, sketchy CT, lost sight of trail east of town
Cody: straw bale grocery store, gas
Kilgore: minimal services, perhaps a truck repair
Crookston: nothing along highway 20
Wood Lake: no services
Johnston: no services, CT moves to south side of Highway 20 just west of town
Bassett: Dollar General, convenience store
Stuart: Convenience store, nice bar/grill, diesel repair, maybe more up into town
Atkinson: golf course west of town with picnic shelter and rest room, Subway, Dollar General, several convenience stores.

Hope this helps!