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Valentine to Ainsworth 9/9

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Six_Steal_Horseman from Colorado on 9/11/2023 3:21:02 PM:
Started Saturday in Valentine and were chased from the beginning by an ominous looking front coming in from the Northwest with black clouds and lightning. Two of us tried to outrun it but ended up getting caught out in hail and rain a mile short of Wood Lake. The others arrived 45 minutes later, dry as a bone. Good lunch at Ma's cafe, then beers at the L Bow in Johnstown. Locals recommended we avoid the trail from there to Ainsworth so we bypassed on highway 20 with little traffic and very respectful drivers. Overall, trail was excellent but can't vouch much for the Johnstown to Ainsworth leg. We did try to ride the last 1/4 mile into Ainsworth on the trail and immediately got a goathead so aborted back to the highway.

Dougt from Castana, Ia on 9/11/2023 9:06:03 PM:
If the problem area is just Johnston to Ainsworth that's an improvement over most years. I've done Norfolk/Valentine/Norfolk the last 5 years and usually the issue is Atkinson west. Last year wasn't bad though. We'll be doing it in a couple of weeks so appreciate the trail report!