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goathead situation?

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Dougt from Castana, Ia on 8/21/2023 8:58:56 AM:
Two of us will be doing our annual out and back trip sometime in Sept. and just wondered what the goathead situation is this year? There was some mention earlier about a new piece of equipment used on a short section of the trail with some success. How has that worked out? Last year the guy taking care of the trail(Tom Theis) was doing a great job and the western section was the best that I've ever seen it. Is he still on the job?
Another unrelated question, why is Arabia listed as a town on the map when there is absolutely nothing there but a sign on the side of the trail. I'll never forget my first year of riding the trail, planning to water up there and my disappointment at not finding a town or anything else.

Cynthya from Lewis Kansas on 8/21/2023 10:51:38 AM:
My sentiments exactly on that little town of Arabia. We got there and looked around and decided there wasn't a town. Good thing we were only riding that far and back to Valentine.

trackdog1 from Woodlake on 12/17/2023 6:40:34 PM:
Arabis used to be aa huge ranch. It had a post office, train station, etc. It was a water stop for thee trains back in the steam days.