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Shuttle in Valentine?

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Tony from Knoxville on 8/8/2023 12:25:12 PM:
We are planning to ride trail (west to east) end of August. hotels, not camping. We made arrangements with North Fork Outfitting in Norfolk to shuttle us on front end out to Wood Lake where we would ride wrong way the first day to Valentine as a way to shorten ride on first day due to the half day of shuttle time. Then next day was hoping to shuttle the 26 miles back to Wood Lake and from there continue remaining ride heading east.
The issue is we are striking out in attempt to locate a shuttle, or even a bike shop in Valentine to help us accomplish this plan.! Anyone have any suggestions? Ideas?
If we don't do it this way, and rather shuttle all the way to Valentine on front end then our first ride day will be something over 60 miles (this after the 3 hour shuttle time in the morning) just to reach the first town with lodging. Too much! Thus the idea of starting at Wood Lake and splitting the first stretch over two days by paying for a shuttle. thanks!

opedaler from NE Nebraska on 8/9/2023 12:39:03 PM:
If I'm reading your question correctly, you seem to be going from Valentine to Bassett on your first day. There is a nice place to stay there and it is 64 miles. You can however stop in Ainsworth which is 47.5 miles and also has lodging available. My wife and I are coming up with the same dilemma take an extra day and make the first day shorter, or ride 64 miles and get done a little faster. Ainsworth has three hotels listed and one in Long Pine. You might want to double check me on this, and correct me if I am wrong tho.