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Trail conditions now Valentine to Atkinson

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mtnbkrjen from Phoenix on 6/23/2023 4:42:19 PM:
Coming up to visit family on the Cowboy Trail! The last time I rode between Atkinson and O'Neill there were lots of "goat heads" and I got a flat. I am planning to ride a few sections this summer with a shuttle drop off. How are trail conditions? TIA!

Alex from Lincoln on 6/26/2023 9:48:48 AM:
I would say it is getting better but still recommend using slime in your tubes or run tubeless tires. Also if you do pick up a goat head, don't pull it out, the sealant will work better as the thorn acts like a plug.

Doug from Wichita on 7/18/2023 9:54:55 PM:
I’m in valentine tonight with a desire to ride east a few miles tomorrow. Where do the goat heads show up? Our prime purpose of being here is to see and ride the bridge. We’re hoping to ride 10 out and 10 back if the trail isn’t stickers.

Alex from Lincoln on 7/19/2023 8:31:31 AM:
We just used the goathead roller a few weeks ago from the Niobrara bridge going east on the trail about 4 miles. Let me know your experience, as we definitely picked up a good amount of goatheads and prickly pears.