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Trail condition/tire size

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Pat Ryan from Butte, Montana on 4/25/2023 2:03:40 PM:
My sons and I are planning to ride from Montana to Iowa to do RAGBRAI this summer, and are interested in including the Cowboy Trail in our trip. We'll be on road bikes, likely on tires in the 32-38 mm width range. I see from older posts that the trail condition has improved recently. Is this a good choice for road bikes or should I look into a different route?

Alex from Lincoln on 4/26/2023 11:44:19 AM:
I would say 32mm is the minimum to use on the trail, but definitely doable. You will have a better time with 38's if you can swing those. Worst case you can use HWY 20/275 shoulder as a backup if the trail ends up not being your cup of tea. Sounds like a great trip!

TOB from Iowa on 6/5/2023 3:36:50 PM:
Pat - Could you share the route you plan to take from Montana to Sioux City? I have been looking for a good Missoula, MT to Valentine, NE route. Thank you.