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Trail Damage Between Bassett and Newport

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Alex from Lincoln on 9/6/2022 11:40:39 AM:
Unfortunately we had some damage to the trail occur between Bassett and Newport. Someone decided to drive livestock down the trail for about one mile. Use this google map link to see the damaged area. We should be able to clean this up early next week but for the time being the trail is passable here but will be rough from the hoof prints.

Cynthya from Lewis,KS on 9/6/2022 12:15:54 PM:
Sad.... it's been 5 years since we rode. Saw places then where cattle and tractors (not 4 wheelers, but saw those as well) left marks on the trail. Not so bad to impede ride, but...
I hope to ride the trail again. Would love to see it finished to Chadron... but I know take time, $$ and workers. All hard to come by and coordinate.

Alex from Lincoln on 9/12/2022 3:49:08 PM:
This segment has been dragged and rolled with a compacter. Note that it will need some rain to harden completely but is in a lot better shape now.

opedaler from Ne nerbraska on 9/13/2022 8:38:17 PM:
I hope the necessary party was sent the bill!