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RVgirl from Memphis TN on 8/1/2022 4:22:13 PM:
I'm planning a cross country SOLO Rv trip intending to bike in several areas. The Cedar Valley trail in IA, the Heartland/P Bunyan in MN, returning to the Mickelson Tr in SD, and the High Trestle Trail in IA.. I was going to stop and ride part of the Cowboy Trail but after reading the comments I have about lost any enthusiasm for it. I was planning on staying in Valentine and riding a bit but being by myself I'm concerned about the spurs and the surface. (I've got an Ebike (assist). and don't want to be changing a flat or flats. Too bad. I wanted to be able to say that I'd ridden a rails to trails in add to my collection ( I've done the Katy, the Silver Comet, the Minute Men, ... Washington DC/Alexandria, Memphis of course, the Great American Tobacco Trail, the Little Miami Trail). fun!

RVgirl from Memphis TN on 8/1/2022 4:23:52 PM:
And Natchez Trace too!

Shege from Lincoln on 8/4/2022 4:14:29 PM:
We just road from Valentine to Johnstown and didn't have any issues with thorns. As long as you don't ride on the green spaces around the trail you should be okay. You should definetly check out the railroad bridge just outside of Valentine.