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Trikes on the Cowboy Trail

Pat from Kansas City on 7/7/2022 7:39:39 PM:
Curious if anyone has experience riding a trike on the Cowboy... I ride a lot and mostly crushed limestone trails. I have been on a lot of the great ones, including KATY and the Mickelson (600+ miles on the Mickelson). I have read here about the burs, etc--just wanting some opinions...I have an ICE Sprint with E-assist--willing to make any tire changes I need to. Any thoughts, advice? Pat

Alex from Lincoln on 7/8/2022 8:29:31 AM:
Not riding a trike personally but I know of people that have on the Cowboy Trail - goatheads are most prevalent between Ainsworth and Johnstown. I recommend using a thorn resistant tire and running slime (or other sealant) in your tubes. This has worked well for me and in my experience leaving goatheads in the tire acts like a plug so the slime can seal a smaller hole vs if you pull them out. Be sure to carry multiple extra tubes - in your case with multiple tires sizes id bring 2 extra for each wheel, pre packed with slime, and tube changing tools/air/knowledge. While some stores carry common tubes in the larger towns, the more specialized sizes will be difficult to find outside of Cleveland Bike and Sport in Norfolk. The Cowboy Trail can be great, but you do have to be prepared, have backup plans, and be flexible as flats, severe weather, wind, heat, etc. can ruin a ride pretty quick due to the remoteness of the area. That being said you are often along a highway and friendly locals are usually willing to help someone in need, if you don't have a sag.