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Carl from OMAHA on 6/19/2022 9:45:43 PM:
Thursday Jun 16, 2022 I rode the trail from Valentine to Ainsworth on my mountain / commuter conversion bike. I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the trail. It was firm and lightly gravel covered. The edges had been mowed in most places.

This trail is not getting enough traffic. I encountered 1 rider in the 47 miles I was on the trail. I saw bike tracks, but none that were fresh.

The part of the trail that leaves the highway 20 path was my favorite part. There was nothing to hear but the birds. This area has a lot of sub irrigated meadow land where deer, turkeys, ducks, prairie chickens, and songbirds abound.

If you want to explore the sandhills of Nebraska this is the trail for you.

I plan to ride the rest of the trail from Ainsworth to Norfolk in stages over the next few months.

I hope to see you there.....

opedaler from Ne nerbraska on 6/20/2022 10:27:55 AM:
Really glad to hear this. We ride spots but have never done the whole thing. If the trail is in good condition I hope someone starts a sagged ride. I'd love to join in. Just finished a ride put on by the South Dakota game and parks on the Mickelson trail (actually done several of them), and it really encourages interest for the trail. In lieu of that we'll probably give the entire trail a go when we can organize some logistics, and after we finish some sagged road rides we have booked. So yeah, we just might see you.