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Texas Sandbur / Puncturevine

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irish from Macomb, MI on 6/15/2022 3:06:50 PM:
Just curious - I read the Nebraska website and they recommend a puncture resistant or solid tire for the trail. Based on your experiences riding this trail, how bad is the sandbur this time of year and have you ridden the trail with normal tubed bike tires?

Thanks for your insights!

Opedaler from NE Ne on 6/18/2022 10:00:42 AM:
I’ve bee told you have two options if you want to ride the trail regardless of timing1) tubeless with slime, or tires with liners AND Thorn resistant tubes with or without slime in the tubes. Where we ride it liners have served us well. This time of year the thorns are less of a problem but still exist.

Mmb from South Dakota on 8/14/2022 7:24:58 AM:
If you do need assistance on western end of trail... True Value Hardware in Valentine is great. Apparently they bought out the bike shop.They fixed me up after 2nd flat:fast,friendly, knowledgeable,and cheap!

Alex from Lincoln on 8/15/2022 9:21:48 AM:
As the others have stated - use thorn resistant tires, slime tubes, or run tubeless. Goatheads seem to be really prevalent near Ainsworth. Generally if I stay away from the grassy edge and be vigilant at driveway/road crossings to dodge puncture vine plants - I don't have any issue. Also I have had luck leaving the goathead on the tire when running tube sealant or tubeless. It seems to act like a plug giving the sealant a smaller hole to attempt to seal. Still carry at least two additional tubes and have an air source of your choice. YMMV!