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Reply to Shuttle Service/How Does it Work and Do All Towns Participate?
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Chef Spencer from Memphis on 5/27/2022 1:20:46 PM:

My wife and I are wanting to ride the Cowboy Trail this June and are wondering about how the shuttle service (if there is even such an animal) works. Do all towns on the line participate? Who should I call to check? Thank you!

Alex from Lincoln on 5/27/2022 2:14:36 PM:
Greetings and thanks for your interest in the Cowboy Trail. North Fork Outfitting in Norfolk, NE offers shuttle service along the trail. (402) 316-0157

There is not any kind of public transportation between towns, though. If you get in a pinch a friendly local may help you to the next town.

Chef Spencer from Memphis on 5/27/2022 2:57:24 PM:
Awesome! Thank you.

Anthony from Fort Calhoun on 6/1/2022 8:40:49 AM:
Greetings, Chef!

I would like to ride the trail this June as well. I called the outfitters yesterday and was shocked about the price to charter a bus from Norfolk to Valentine. I believe it was in the $400-$450 range. For some reason I naively thought it'd be like getting a taxi across town - haha. I didn't account for the fact that they are not exactly driving a Prius, how far it actually is for them to drive, nor how those big vans don't get great gas milage. Gas is expensive and they've got to make some money in the deal, so I get it.

The gentleman I spoke to was very reasonable though and the cost can be shared by multiple people up to 4, then 75 per person afterwards (if I remember correctly). Basically, $400+ for me is pretty expensive, but $400 spread out over a few of us gets increasingly more affordable.

Would you guys be interested in seeing if we're going at the same time(ish) and sharing the charter? I'd ideally like to go over fathers day weekend, or as an alternative, on a Thursday or Friday (due to work and pto).

Im also not sure if your driving over here from Memphis....but if so, we could probably scheme to get my wife to help us. I've got a Thule hitch rack for (4) and two additional Thule roof racks; so 6 bike capacity total. You could park at long term parking in Norfolk, we could load your bikes on my Jeep Cherokee, then beg my wife to drive us all the way out to Valentine. We'd ride back to your vehicle and you could bring me home (I live 1.5 hours SE of Norfolk / just south of Blair, NE). Just an alternative solution to throw out there.

Simplest remains buying the charter and splitting the cost among us. :)

Thanks for any consideration! ~Anthony