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Mogie from Waterloo, IA on 5/17/2022 4:12:02 PM:
The Nebraska state trails interactive map shows a few closures between Clearwater and Neligh. Can anyone confirm these are current closures? We’re looking at riding mid August. From what I have found on this forum, these closures have been on the map for quite some time. Appreciate any info! Thanks

Alex from Lincoln on 5/18/2022 1:31:42 PM:
- A large bridge over the Elkhorn River between Oakdale and Neligh is still out so you will need to take the highway shoulder between Oakdale and Neligh for about 4 miles.
- Just west of Neligh there is a short stretch next to the river that has been eroded severely. You will be able to see some construction cones on the trail, you will need to walk adjacent highway shoulder for roughly 1/4mile and then can jump back on. Or if comfortable you can probably hike through the damaged section, stay away from the edge though.
- Between Neligh and Clearwater there is a section of trail that is permanently closed due the river reclaiming the trail in this section. You will need to take 519th ave back to the highway and ride around on the highway for about 3 miles. You can take 517th ave and head south to get back on to the cowboy trail. About a 2.5 mile detour for this one.
- The next closed spot is on the east edge of Long Pine. A large section of the trail embankment was washed out due to a culvert failure from the flood. To detour around, take 440th rd to the highway and then come back in to Long Pine and find the trail by the park on the main road, about 2.5 miles.

We are working on repairs for the sites except clearwater. They involve FEMA and are taking time to get feasible repairs approved.

Al from Colorado Springs on 5/23/2022 2:14:26 PM:
I am sure happy that I decided to check the Forum. I will be hiking the trail in June and had no idea that there were trail closures. This saved me miles of hiking! Thank you for the information. If there are any updates to these trail closures, please update on forum. I will be hiking June 7 - June 15.

Just found the interactive trail map. The map indicates that there is a closure just outside of Valentine. Does anyone know if this is correct?

Alex from Lincoln on 5/23/2022 2:46:31 PM:
There is a spot of significant hillside erosion due to a failed culvert from the 2019 flood which has yet to be repaired as well. It is passable at the moment but is being monitored.

Mogie from Waterloo,IA on 5/25/2022 7:28:25 AM:
Thank you for the information, Alex!

Shege from Lincoln on 7/10/2022 6:28:33 PM:
We plan on riding the trail in a few weeks. Thanks for the update on trail conditions! The interactive NGP map shows that the trail is closed going East from Valentive just past the large bridge. Does anyone know if this is still closed? If it is closed, is there a detour or do you have to go back to Valentine and get on Highway 20?


Alex from Lincoln on 7/11/2022 8:15:07 AM:
Trail is still passable by Valentine, see comment above. Have a good trip!