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Electric Assist Bikes

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Cindy L Siems from Mesa on 5/8/2022 1:19:07 AM:
Are electric assist bikes allowed on the trail?

Alex from Lincoln on 5/12/2022 11:53:11 AM:
Technically no. In reality yes, as long as it is e-assist (class 1) and is operated in similar manner to a regular bicycle.

Cynthya from Lewis,KS on 5/12/2022 1:54:52 PM:
I wondered what others might say. For my part, at least, it is a bicycle. When we rode the Cowboy Trail 5 years ago (can it be that long ago?) I saw evidence of big tractor tracks at least crossing the trail. Definitely saw a four wheeler coming up behind us on the trail. Another time a person on a four wheeler was approaching the trail. Obviously preparing to get on the trail. When they saw us riding down the trail, they turned and went the other way. So E-Assist bicycle on The Cowboy Trail? Not a problem for me.