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Trike packing in late spring

K Eldg from Fremont on 3/5/2022 11:47:46 AM:
I was thinking triking the whole way from Valentine to Norfork. I pull a small trailer to hold all my gear. Would this trail be ok for this use. I run schwalbe big apple tires puncture resistant. Any feedback would be great

Alex from Lincoln on 3/7/2022 8:23:27 AM:
That's a good tire for puncture resistance, what width is it? Especially the front? A wider tire will help float through any soft spots you may encounter on the trail. Puncture vine (goatheads) becomes more prevalent in late June/July as the temps get hot. I also recommend using sealant in your tubes if possible or going tubeless is typically best. If you do pickup a goathead on your tire, just leave it. Pulling it out will cause it to leak faster.