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Bill Heistermann from Fort Collins on 9/26/2021 9:54:15 AM:
Just returned from riding from Valentine to Bassett and back. did it over 6 days at a nice relaxed pace. Rode a gravel bike with 700x35s and a BOB trailer. On the advice from Ruth at the L Bow Room I rode the highway between Johnstown and Ainsworth to avoid the goatheads. Wood Lake park is great for camping, Lone Pine not so much. Stayed overnight at the Bassett Lodge instead of camping, what cool funky little hotel. Met some great people, took in a high school football game and enjoyed the heartland. AND didn't get a flat till 2 miles from the finish!!!

Alex from Lincoln on 9/27/2021 8:52:33 AM:
Thanks for the ride report! The goatheads are prevalent this year in that Johnstown to Ainsworth area. Did you check out Long Pine State Recreation Area? I've found that to be an excellent place to camp. Glad you checked out Bassett Lodge, it is a neat place to stay.