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Cowgirl Liz from Omaha on 8/21/2021 3:25:05 PM:
A friend and I are interested in biking part of the trail over Labor Day weekend. If we just want to do an out and back trip (no shuttle), what do you all recommend? If we drive out on Saturday, we'll have time for an afternoon ride that day and a longer ride on Sunday before heading home on Monday.

Alex from Lincoln on 8/23/2021 12:15:32 PM:
If you're comfortable riding on a highway for part of the trip you could do a loop from valentine to ainsworth (overnight) on the trail. Then head up to springview and back to valentine on HWY 12. Otherwise ride on the trail to wood lake (Overnight). Then ride to Long Pine State Recreation area, spend some time there and then head back to Valentine. There's tons of other things to do around Valentine as well if you wish to shorten that trip up and spend some time at Smith Falls or Mckelvie NF