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KW from Lincoln on 6/28/2021 8:53:40 AM:
Nebraska needs to up their game. My son and friend just biked Lincoln to Black Hills and they hated the Cowboy Trail due to goatheads and a range of poor trail conditions...ended up doing mostly highway. They were worried Mickelson Trail would be similar but it was great and they loved it. Some of the camping options in towns along the Cowboy Trail were pretty weak too. For example, why have a campground but lock the bathroom?

Cynthya from Lewis,KS on 6/28/2021 10:20:24 AM:
Bet the locked bathroom was in Woodlake? We experienced that. We rode back in 2017 and it was mostly ridable. We did get off the trail at Clearwater for a spell because the river washed out crossing. There was one bridge had a big hole washed out at bridge 184 (I think) potential for a bad wreck. We did ride all of the trail except for the part there at Clearwater. Wasn't always easy. Either we were lucky in respect to goatheads or maybe not as bad the year we rode? No flat tires but we generally stopped and carried our bikes across the roadway because it seemed like there were more goatheads at those crossings. We always checked our tires before we started again. Things you really shouldn't have to do to have an enjoyable ride. That could be a great trail. I suppose part of problem is maybe they don't get enough traffic, but hard to get traffic when people hear how much trouble they can potentially have. Even with all those troubles I hope to be able to go back and ride again someday... I would really like to see the trail finished to Chadron, but I suppose that's a long ways in the future, if ever.