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Valentine to Bassett

Peter Sheridan from Santa Rosa California on 6/11/2021 8:27:40 PM:
Rode the trail today from Valentine to Bassett. The trail conditions were great with the wind at my back. I ride with full panniers on 32cc Panaracer gravel king sk and had no problems. The trail is hard pack with 1/4 rock fines. In some places the fines drift into small piles but are not a problem if you pay attention. Heading west at Long Pine the bridge is out. Detour to the highway and pickup the trail where you can find it on the left after the silos. The highway is great with little traffic, very polite drivers and lots of clean shoulder to ride on. About half way on the trail you will find that Johnstown has a picnic shelter, toilets and water.

Peter Sheridan from Santa Rosa California on 6/12/2021 9:28:59 PM:
Someone mentioned earlier that you can connect to the trail after the detour heading east by heading out to the highway and turning right on 440th Rd.