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Park vehicle in norfolk ride to valentine and return where to leave vehicle

To Late from Kansas City on 5/12/2021 11:59:10 PM:
2021 plan end to end and return -- Norfork to valentine-- Where is safe place to leave vehicle. This would be a-- My guess 8 or 10 day trip. Self supported, camping

Ray (webmaster) on 5/13/2021 7:39:47 PM:
When my son and I did a multi-day trip about 5 years ago, we left our car at Ta-Ha-Zouka Park, where the trail starts in Norfolk. Just call the park office in advance and let them know. Of course car break-ins can happen any time and anywhere, but this felt like a safe place when we used it. Another option - if you are spending a night in Norfolk at the start or end of your trip - many hotels would let you leave your car if you are spending money at their establishment. I don't know about specific ones in Norfolk, but you could call and ask a bunch of places if it seems like a good option to you. Good luck, hope you have a great trip!