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Subway in O'Neill
Laurie Hacker from O'Neill on 03/14/2014 09:41 PM:
My husband and I were at Subway (O'Neill) at 8:00 on 3-14-14. The young man who took our order and made our sandwiches was very rude. He was unintelligible when he spoke to us, and when I kindly asked him to repeat what he said, he became more rude. The change machine was not working. I understand that making change in this day of technology is difficult for some, however, the young man should NOT have responded to me in such a brusque manner. The bread for the sandwich was mangled and the meatballs were hard, dry and impossible to chew. My husband quietly took the sandwich back and explained the problem to the Devall girl. She was very, very nice and offered to make a different sandwich but my husband declined and asked for a couple of cookies instead. Another young man (blonde hair) brought coupons to our table, was apologetic and handled the situation politely.
The young man who initially waited on us went to the back of the store (or left) and we never saw him again. We've been patrons of the O'Neill Subway store since it's opening. We were very disappointed this evening and hope that you will speak to the young man about his poor behavior. We commend the way the Devall girl handled the situation and hope you will pass this compliment on to her. Thank you.

Aaron D. Yates from KCMO on 03/16/2014 01:01 AM:
Why on Earth are you making complaints about the O'Neill Subway in a forum about the Cowboy Trail?! There's a customer satisfaction survey on every receipt from Subway. I suggest you go to that website and take the survey. It's about the only way you'll ever get through to anyone that cares enough to correct the behavior. This way, the store manager and owner will see your feedback.

Crow from lincoln on 03/22/2014 03:48 PM:
I agree with Aaron, what the heck do we care about Subway and your problems? This forum is for info on the Cowboy Trail.

Anonymous on 09/08/2014 11:47 AM:
What are you eating at subway for? There is a Mcdonalds in Oneill! lol.