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Spring Valley Park

Newport NE
Mile marker 119.9

Spring Valley Park is located approximately 0.2 mile from the Cowboy Trail, in Newport NE

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Spring Valley Park
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Forum Discussions about Spring Valley Park

Spring Valley Park in Newport
Charles on 05/23/2021 06:19 PM:
This campground seems abandoned - we scoped it out in May 2021.
The grass was mowed, but the water was off and that bathrooms were locked. The nearby house seemed abandoned and the buildings were nearly falling over.

The other commenter is correct about the pool hall - its located directly south of the trail in the middle of Newport. They have various snacks + cold drinks for sale using the honors system. I called a phone number on the vending machine outside and was told that I could camp behind the pool hall and that there was water in front of the city hall nearby. There didn't appear to be any restrooms, but there were a few homes that seemed occupied nearby.

Cynthya from Lewis,KS on 05/23/2021 09:30 PM:
Agree about The Eight Ball(I think it is called). We were there in 2014...did not realize you could go in. We were back the next day and a local told us it was open and honor system. It is a nice little place...but as facilities.

Luke from Omaha on 06/16/2021 01:57 PM:
+1 for the Newport Pool Hall. Good spot for camping w/water just down the road by the community center and church. Melissa and Shawn have a special thing going there, and talked to us about plans to possibly install a restroom near the pool hall for bike campers. I hope travelers stop and support the pool hall and their efforts. Was truly one of the highlights of our trip.

Spring Valley Park in Newport
Martin Bassani from Louisville, CO on 04/19/2021 01:58 PM:
Has anyone camped here? I could not find any information anywhere which shows it is OK.

Alex from Lincoln on 04/21/2021 08:58 AM:
Have not camped there before. I have camped at the park in town next to the little shelter they have.

Cynthya B from Lewis, Kansas on 04/21/2021 09:43 AM:
There is a small pool hall... The Eight Ball (I think) . Snacks and memorabilia. The camping may only be a small city park. Facilities??? There is nice camping in next town east, Stuart. It has been four years since we rode the trail.

Shawn from Newport on 06/13/2021 10:08 AM:
You can camp at the Newport Pool Hall.