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Although we offer a Google search of this website, unfortunately Google doesn't always pick up forum discussions very well. So we built a custom Forum Search feature.
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Enter words or phrases to search for, separated by commas if more than one word/phrase. For example: meadow grove, ainsworth, camping. We will find forum posts containing any of your search words. Do not use quotation marks.
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  • Results are limited to the first 100 matching posts
  • This is not a Google search. It does not support "AND", "OR", quotation marks, or other advanced search features
  • When multiple posts from the same discussion appear next to each other, they are grouped together within the same blue box
  • Not all posts from the same discussion appear next to each other in the search results, because of differences in how well they match or what date/time they were entered
  • If you list more than one Search Word, the first word will be weighted more heavily than the second word in your results
  • The search will find partial word matches. For example, if you search flood, you will also get results for flooding, floods, flooded, etc.
  • Searches are not case-sensitive (for example Long Pine gets the same results as long pine)