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Bassett Lodge & Range Café

Restaurant, Lodging
Bassett NE
205 Clark St

Bassett Lodge & Range Café is located approximately 0.2 mile from the Cowboy Trail, in Bassett NE

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Bassett Lodge Range Café
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2026 ride
Bay to Brooklyn from Santa Clara, CA on 03/31/2023 03:49 PM:
We are planning a ride from Santa Clara, CA to Brooklyn, NY. This ride will take place in 2026. We have come through that area in 2011 and 2021. In 2021 I was in contact with you about using the trail. We did get on a section of it and tire and tube exchange was needed on both wheels due to flats caused by several punctures at once. We would love to use the trail but cannot afford the risk having the team experience these issues. Do you know how much maintenance the trail receives throughout the riding season. We will be leaving Cody on August 21stheading to Bassett. We can modify our route if the trail is in good conditions. If not we will stay on our current route. you can see more about what we are doing by visiting all my contact information can be found there.
Thank you

Alex from Lincoln on 04/05/2023 08:10 AM:
Greetings! Thanks for reaching out. I understand your concern about puncture vine, it can be nasty at times and can certainly ruin a trip if not prepared for a double flat. We are attempting some new mechanical control methods this year which actually picks up the seed, often referred to as a goathead. I hope this greatly reduces the presence of puncture vine on the trail. Check the forum to see if cyclists report fewer issues with flats from goatheads in the coming years. All trails and roads pose potential flat hazards, best you can do is try to mitigate and be prepared. I have had luck running slime in my tubes and if I do pick up few goatheads, don't pull them out, the thorn acts like a plug and helps the sealant seal the air leak. I hope you come out to ride the trail!

Dougt from Castana on 04/05/2023 10:22 AM:
A promising sign last year was that the trail had a new maintenance man, Tom Theis who covers the trail from O'Neill to Valentine, and the trail was in a much, much better condition than it has been in the four or five years that I've ridden it out and back. He was keeping the goat heads down, and mowing and trimming were much better than in the past so hopefully he's taking care of it again this year! Keep up the good work tom!